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The 18 Karat Gold Manicure


When I was asked if I wanted a bottle of the OPI 18 karat gold polish, I found it hard to pass up. What girl doesn’t want a little gold on her fingers? 

I started with just putting a coat of the gold flecks over my current manicure, which ended up looking a lot like OPI’s crackle nail polish. The effect was just alright.

This blogger tried it out in it’s traditional form below:

The next time I tried it I decided to use it over a gold polish from OPI’s James Bond Collection “Glitterazzi”. Basically everything just looked gold and I couldn’t tell where the real stuff was. I should have guessed.

Then I thought I’d try and be real creative and use it on the underside of my nails like the popular “Louboutin Nails”


My attempt below:


N-n-nailed it! I couldn’t decide if I liked it. It’s sort of cool, and is sort of looks like I had been “digging for gold” (aka picking my nose haha). 

So my final thoughts on the  $30 a bottle 18k gold polish? All I can say is this is probably one of the reasons terrorists hate us, along with reality tv, recent performances at the VMA’s and more, all of which I’m guilty watching/participating.